Who are we?

Note: In case of extreme boredom please read UPPER CASE only.
Skydraft is a SOFTWARE & DESIGN AGENCY that invests in the future of their clients. It is already proved that the first impression a client gets from a company's image is a vital piece when deciding which company he/she will be working with. Be it on a business card or a website, if your


image is not good enough, you are already losing potential clients even if your services are OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY.  Nowadays, if you wish to survive in the market, you must have a fresh and attractive image. Gain some competitive advantage. Select qualified professionals who can efficiently create your image and communicate your values to the targeted audience.

You haven't read it all!

Ah! But now you are! Want to know why? Simple. We aroused your curiosity. People don't read websites anymore, they just take a quick glance at them. If you don't believe it, just remember how many times you have clicked on the first google results, scrolled down a bit, didn't find what you were looking for and went back. Quite a few, huh? Everyone does that all the time. It's completely normal. Just as flipping through some magazine.

Our goal?

Bring you clients! Wish you'd stop being invisible for your customers? We analyze, synthesize and materialize a plan, always having your needs and thoughts in mind. This is our fabulous mission: SUCCESS!  Skydraft plans on establishing new quality and innovation standards on web development, software apps and design.
That, and world domination.