Toca'Andar is a great event for all Nature lovers, carried at Serra do Caldeirão, Cachopo. The event is a part of the project Puro Algarve, which was developed by Skydraft as well.
To create the brand of the event, we designed a simple font, while emphasizing the central part where you can see two mountains on the A's - the nature. The sun, as a great symbol of the Algarve, is the apostrophe, making the separation between the two words and uniting them at the same time. Therefore, we ended up with a great symbol that can be used in all sorts of materials. The chosen colours are the ones used at "Rota da Aventura" (Adventure Route) creating the connection with the project Puro Algarve.
After the brand, we designed and developed the website for the event, which has a parallax effect, creation of events through the backoffice and automatic registration in events.
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